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So, I got my laptop back from my lil bro and the first thing I do is, install the latest version of Ubuntu… its a good geek life!!

So spending the evening watching a lovely geeky girl put together Lord of the Rings Lego and talking comics WHILST I get to eat dinner… not bad evening.
Later, get to watch Americans try and survive an apocalypse… this can never end well!!

Back on the grid from a week of thrills and spills… or mainly rain and hard work! Anyways, need to find some painkillers for my shoulder and to upload some picture… ONWARDS!!

Well, fun afternoon sat around a hospital watching my sister have her fits… At least I finished reading me book!

JoeIce – “I don’t get how they..”
Tarty – “WITH SCIENCE!!”
JoeIce – “Yea but how…”

Power will be off till sometime tomorrow evening as we’re having the fuse box ripped out and replaced. So I shall be going dark till the power returns. See you on the other side kids!

Suffering through a day of not being to make any choices or pre-visioning the results of making the wrong ones… plus I’m hot (temperature!)

Always fun. Nod off on the sofa for 2 hours only to be woken up by the phone ringing from income support to remind you that we have a meeting tomorrow morning where I will need to be up early! >_<

The Joe “Cheap as Crumbs” Diet: Eat whatever you can take from your grandmothers cupboard and the food you get given by friends.
Lost a stone and a half in 8 months and feeling….sleepy!!