Month: January 2017

SOOOoo… First time getting the welder going for a “real” job. I am (very much) learning as I go so the finished joints are not as clean as I like but THEY HOLD!! Its interesting so how the moisture in the air oxidises into instant rust. I have used up the welding rod I had setup and now have to find the rest of the stock I have put away VERY carefully that I can’t find them. So maybe a few days!
Oh and only a small burn >_< Scars are COOL!!

I am sorry I haven’t been posting much over 2016 but we can all agree it was an awful year. One day I may sit down and write up a “Year in Review” post covering up everything that went wrong personally but for now, 2017 begin, lets at least start it off well (even though I have put money on it getting worse!) Lets start out with sorting out all the storage for my components and costumes! Poundland is gonna need more stock… Also the sign sums up my mind-set for the year!!

Joe’s (Just the) Tip (hehe) of the Day!! Remember to stock up on LED String lights from Poundland for just 50p!! That’s right, 14 LEDS pre-wired with battery box for just 50P!! BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED!! And before you Cry “But Joe, they say ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS'” you can simply pull the letters off and you have pure white LEDs you numpty!! ONWARDS MY LITTLE MAKERS!!