Month: June 2015

Collected all the parts from charity stores and 99p store. Just missing needle and thread. I used a softer brown crop top as material for the robe instead of the hessian fabric for comfort.

Reattached the head and covered the whole body using the black socks. I then cut and sewed a robe together to dress the little guy. Added stiff wire to the hood to keep it open.

Drilled out the eyes, hot-glue red LEDs in place and a switch in the back of the head. Then covered the whole head in a black sock, cut and glued the eye holes in place.

“I shall stick my enemies heads on spikes!” Removed the head from the doll and sanded it down to spray paint.

Power assisted golf-caddy. No battery but perfect base for a new carry case for pulling armour around the country!

Redone the Business cards with some tips from a friend… and removed the Graphic-Designer bit… suck at that anyways :p
Crowd: “WE KNOW!!”
Oh shut it!! :p

The Lights for the garden arrived this morning, so spent a lovely afternoon baking under the harsh sun getting them all up. But totally worth it!! I also learn my phone is pants for capturing at night! Any-ways, Enjoy some flashing lights!!

Since I had five spare minutes at lunch, I thought I’d take some photos of the work I’ve done over the last few weeks in the garden. Solar LED Lights are due this weekend so I may take some night shoots when they are up too. Thanks to my lil-Sister & Bro for the help they gave! Now to give the plants time to grow and hopefully stop rain falling on my head!!

So after a month of running around getting things done around the workshop and home, and Surviving UK Games Expo last weekend, I have returned with new photos of my new toys for the shop. Theses round off my wish list of Workshop tools I have had for the last 3years. Now the real work can begin!