Month: October 2014

Been waiting months for the Assisted Living housing, that my sister lived at, to get radiator covers to stop her arms getting stuck behind them during a Drop-Blackout, that she has on a regular bases. She has already broken her arm twice in the last year. So we decided finally to let me make them instead. One is for her bedroom and the smaller is for under the bathroom heated towel rail which she has a tendency to get her head under >_< Will cut pipe holes and fit on site soon!

I really should get back to posting more often but with all this bad weather and trouble with my mouth, I haven’t really been in the mind to work. Also, State of Decay and Destiny have absorbed most of my time as of recently. BUT Wyntercon is only a few weeks away and I must do repairs to the armour and get prepared!! Quick, To the Workshop!!

Just a quickie today! I am now in love with my new printer! I can finally print on 300 gsm paper, communally known as ‘Card’, and it is soooo much easier (not to mention cheaper) then the 180 gsm which I used for my last set of armour. Hopefully, I can now crack on with some work!