Month: August 2014

Had a little shopping spree to Maplins yesterday. Had to go the next town 23miles away but I got some good bits. I sometimes wish I had a Maplins in my town but I would spend so much time in there, they’d start charging me rent!! Anyways, got some new fans, magnetic tape, switches, clips and a new variable soldering iron which I have been wanting to get all year (and finally able to at HALF FREAKING PRICE!!!) Anyways, now start some projects with them!!

Just a quick one today. Spent the afternoon working on my HUGE Gaming and Work table… And I do mean HUGE. It measures in at 7’6″ by 5’6″ and is big enough for 6-8 people to sit round. There’s still plenty to do, but for using only spare materials I had left in the shop which I was either gonna have to throw or give to someone else to use, I think its not going too bad. Tomorrow, cut and fit the rest of the top, work on supports for the legs and start building draws!!

Whilst the PC updated and configured it self to the new network in the Workshop, I worked on using up some of the spare materials I have sitting around. First up, the big draws I dragged from my old house. Made a tall unit for them to go in and start storing some supplies I have in boxes! Not bad for four hours work with just left overs if I say so myself!

So I spent yesterday afternoon on my roof running new cable and this afternoon I am upgrading my Network LAN/WAN. I now have an older router (Which I may upgrade later for faster connection) in the Workshop so I can work on computer projects out there and also setup the IP Camera for home streaming and security. Also forced me to move the home router to the centre of the house, having the side effect of enlarging my WiFi range into the garden! So I can now enjoy YouTube from the comfort of my patio! Bonus!