Month: May 2014

So its been a long week. Crappy weather mixed with great weather has made work outside interesting but the workshop is very near to being finished. With some help from some friends, I got the new Garage Door installed and even found a way to recycle the old door, turning it into a tool rack wall! Now on to finishing the cladding and paint…. then its onto the Real Work!! Costumes and Props!!

As I said Friday, here are some photos of work done this week. I decided to take the weekend off as my hands feel like they have been through a mangle. Back to work tomorrow, just paint and cleaning to do… till Tuesday when the new roller doors turn up!

So after taking my new bicycle for spin ( /heavy breathing) I back to working on the back door. With a friends help I got it cut, modded and hung. Just added the lock and now to paint!! Photos later.

Only a quick one today. Its been so hot today, I finally decided to get that support column done for the new Garage door that’s coming. Before you cry “OMG JOE, THAT’S NOT STRAIGHT!!” 1) It is straight, the rest of the building is squiggly! 2) You try building something that is time sensitive in 28’C weather!! Anyways, only one photo of my setting up to fit the single door tomorrow, spare the weather…

Yesterday was a good day on the workshop side! Got the last of the planned drywall up and can now start building the workbenches and sorting all the furniture and stuff out. Just the garage door, back door and Paint to do! Cement time!!

Work on The Hanger goes on at a fast pace. Wickes have been really weird with their deliveries so everything came over the last five days instead of just on Monday but at-least I got the garage door measured and ordered from BnQ, should be here in 10 days.
But the stud work and drywall is going up fast. Seems I messed up the order and instead of ordering an extra 10%, it was more like 40%… so may even clad the ceiling, make it all nice!! Anyways, PHOTOS!!

So after spending the last few weeks moving and decorating my new home, its time to start work on the Workshop in what shall now be called “The Hanger”. Ordering the materials to insulate, plaster and replace the massive single garage swing door with a roller door, for next week! Lots of work!