Month: June 2012

Well, fun afternoon sat around a hospital watching my sister have her fits… At least I finished reading me book!

JoeIce – “I don’t get how they..”
Tarty – “WITH SCIENCE!!”
JoeIce – “Yea but how…”

Power will be off till sometime tomorrow evening as we’re having the fuse box ripped out and replaced. So I shall be going dark till the power returns. See you on the other side kids!

Suffering through a day of not being to make any choices or pre-visioning the results of making the wrong ones… plus I’m hot (temperature!)

Always fun. Nod off on the sofa for 2 hours only to be woken up by the phone ringing from income support to remind you that we have a meeting tomorrow morning where I will need to be up early! >_<

The Joe “Cheap as Crumbs” Diet: Eat whatever you can take from your grandmothers cupboard and the food you get given by friends.
Lost a stone and a half in 8 months and feeling….sleepy!!

I enjoy watching special features and commentaries cos I like seeing what’s behind the curtain…
/Every woman looks at my like a creep.

Thanks to John reminding me, I have my old TV connected to the 360 using component cables instead of HDMI as my TV has stopped accepting those signals >_<
Feels good to have a nice display back without any blurring!! :p

Five different phone numbers in just over an hour to change two benefit bank details and to save £20 from Virgin Media!!
Think this deserves a cider!

OOO pre-orders for the new APC mini PC are up!!
/clicks on link
“We apologise to inform you that we are sold out.”
/spirit shatter!