Month: May 2012

Btw… if you ever want to prove that too much Awesome can become Evil try this:
Cream Soda = Awesome… noth said!
Frazzles/Peppies = Awesome… bacon crisps, noth said!
Combined = WTF, Oh my god that is so horrible… the Devil just moved into my mouth!!

Ordered new ink for me printer, moved some shelves, returned from getting rent money… now its time for my first cup of coffee 😀

Wow the internet is squiffy today (okay maybe everyday but I’m normally shuffling!) Facebook questions my posts and stops me posting MY OWN WORDS!!
GaiaOnline buys back items at .5 value and rounds DOWN (Sounds like Gaia has the same accountant as ALL Governments!)
AND I’ve only had one cup of coffee!! GeekRage is high!! I see a table being knocked over today!!

I couldn’t get back onto facebook even thou I was only on it 10seconds before; and the apologise is presented on “sorry.php”… fantastic web design, must add that to my next site!! 
AND NOW, its telling me I have enter the same text twice in a row… NO SIR, I changed ONE WORD and deleted the previous message!!

Armoured boots are sanded down and ready for their final resin touch-ups which will be down later tonight when it cools down. Chest to be sanded and touched up tomorrow…. I can smell victory getting ever closer!!

Okay, that’s the right shin and thigh sanded and ready for some touch-up resin work, ONTO THE BOOTS!! /Charge!

Holy Crap!! I love this new sander!! Sanded down the right thigh for my armour in less then 10mins where as by hand, it take all night. Very little mess made thanks to the hover attachment. Best £20 I’ve spent in awhile. Only problem is now my right arm wont stop shaking thanks to the vibrations through the sander… I sense I have created a hole to full in… :S

So working out prices for the cool system: Heatsink – £15 (China) 9v Pump – £10 (China) PVC Tubing – Roughly £10, Valves and taps – roughly £10… Price of keeping cool, PRICELESS!! Or almost £50!!

So looking into ways of cooling myself whilst in the Spartan armour (learning from this weeks heat wave!) I think I need to relearn how to use a sewing machine >_<

Been a good day today! Got a new sander, found a Twinky (NomUomOom :D) and now ending it with a bacon sandwich and American Pie!! But which one?!? Write into….

oh wow, my computer is so messed up without a graphics card, it can’t even play the footage I filmed this weekend >_<
Looks like the editing will just have to wait till next week!

Time for some pasta and the original American Pie!! Need to be reminded of older, better times and Can’t think of anything better!!

Weekend got a 10/10
Expo party gets a FANTASTIC -10/10 stars
Weather 10/10 but heat gets a 4/10!!
Overall: Joe = Happy
Now to sleep!!

So not going to well today. Just spent over an hour getting my bank statements printed for the last 3 years (and charged for it) and been told as of last week, I can no longer get to my saving account via the street, its all done by mail now! You know, cos this is the modern century and trying to cut paper use and SAVE YOU Money!!

Just been informed that was being paid too much by Income Support for the last 3years and they will be taking it back… WHAT!!!

So tired…. and hot… so very hot… and not sexy at all… gah!
/wanders off to find a shady spot and some AC!

Evil has fallen into the shadows as before!! At least, on normal mode…. now to tread into Nightmare Mode!!