Month: April 2012

I’ve gone mad, I am putting away most of my retro consoles away as no one plays them any more; and redesigning my entertainment corner. But have no fear, they are not going far!!

Listening to the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack whilst sorting out my entertainment centre. Suddenly feel like going out and dealing with some bad guys…. I Wont! But I feel like it… Bad Smooth Jazz and Western music!!

If you want to scare the crap out of yourself, watch The Woman in Black late at night, alone and whilst the wind is pounding at the windows… now excuses me, I need to change my underwear and never sleep again!

Resining the shins of my armour…. so time consuming trying to keep all the edges crisp and getting the resin into every gap! But I can see the end… of the table!

Well it turns out that it is in fact Halo Reach stopping the 2 xbox’s being on live at the same time!! Time to work on something else then!!

Interesting that the sound of rain woke me… normally nothing wakes me, apart from the sound of ninja’s and storm troopers…. WAIT, that was a dream >_<

God Damn…. Overslept due to reading about Zombies till early in the morning. Shouldn’t do it but it was so good!!

So completed my first run through Diablo 3 beta. Was a huge amount of fun and can’t wait to get my hands on the full game!

Official tired… can tell as when I’m tired I start questioning EVERYTHING. To stop questions, seek sleep…. or help! (We’re don’t do help in this place /cocks shotgun!!)

Curse you Blizzard!! Throw out a Diablo 3 Beta and then cap it so I can’t play….
And worse, they know I will still buy it!! Yet something else to lose my life to next month!! >_<

Felt good spending the day playing Halo Reach. Been a long time since I last sat down and just played. Anyway, dinner then back to resin and painting!

okay, its just gone 22:15 and what of my plan have I done.
well, I left late to get dinner and took longer to get and back so didn’t finally get chillout.
Instead of just getting on with sanding, I went back website work and finally finishing the front page layout, code, and images so happy with that.
So now I will finish the pepakura for the replacement right thigh piece I messed up last week and get to preping for resin tomorrow… I call that 60% complete list…ish!!

So plan tonight: Work on webdesign till 6:30 then head out for food (I’m out of rolls!! NOOO)
Get back and chill with some TV (thinking West Wing)
At 8pm, strap up some sandpaper and get to cleaning up the bits already resined and get them ready to paint tomorrow. Bed at 2am!! 
What will actually happen….

Wow… Maybe I am getting too old. Only play Halo 2hours before tears are streaming from not blinking… So out of practise!!