Month: March 2012

Well, being woken by a wasp bashing itself on your window is one of the more worrying ways to be woken. How it get the F*** in?!?

Future Headlines: “World In Shock. Entirely unprepared for friendly takeover by a calm and politely apologetic Canada.”

Stop laughing, could happen…

Well that was a bloody big wasp!! Random outburst as a wasp the size of my thumb smashes into the ceiling light!!

Just spent the last hour sanding down the boots for my armour and yet still have so much to do to them before they are finished 🙁
Also, smells like burnt rubber in here, Mmmm…

Just finished wiring up the Spartan helmet. Now has Fans, Internal LEDs, External LEDs, External Loud Speaker and 2-way radio all built in!! All the blood loss and burns were worth it!!

Son’s duty done (Rang and wished his mother a happy mothers day) Now on with the rest of the day
/goes back to bed!

Yo dogs!! Four Score and a few minutes ago, I discovered the greatest, the most true tale of Passion you can believe! Yo hear me!!

Banks and money, is there anything more confusing?!? Aw well, just ordered my body armour, anything else can wait >_<

Well got the media server backup and running. Still do not know what happened to it to just keep locking up like it was but hey hum! Now to load it back up with videos!

Thanks to Mark, I’ve just ordered the largest amount of Jesmonite to date. This should be enough to finish the armour (or it better be as I’ve doubled the amount I expect I need)

Gonna put a new sign up over my front door which reads “Delivery Hub” with the amounts of parcels I’ve been getting this week.

Hey guys, if you have an iPad/2 and you want the new one, better sell it now…
What Am I Saying!!! None of my friends have an iPad!!!

Feeling a tad creepy for looking at mannequins on ebay to display my suit when its complete /shiver
Something weird about looking at faceless, life-size Kens (Barbie’s man!!)