Month: February 2012

So finally finished Alan Wake: American Nightmare and I have to say, very good. Not awesome but it is nice step towards Alan Wake 2!! (Better be sooner than later) I give it a 9/10 for an Arcade game, 10/10 for effort!!

Learning the hardest part of making this armour is the sanding. Just takes so long, makes so much mess… gah only 16 pieces left to go 🙁

Finished sanding the helmet down and preparing it to be primed. Also working out the wiring for fans and lights. Trying to figure out how to stop the fans vibrating and shaking my head to bits!!

Just waiting for the inner resin to dry then I shall be doing the outer coats on the boots. Should be finished by this evening then I shall be clearing up for the weekend and waiting for the next shipment of jesmonite to arrive. May have to do another order, it doesn’t go very far 🙁

Just finishing off the resin and fibreglass for the helmet… Damn this thing is gonna be tough, can’t wait to head butt someone!! :p

So the great resin process of my armour begins. Base coats and fibreglass has gone well on the knee-pads, hand-pads, tac-pad cover and sprint module. Only require an exterior coat needs to be done to them and then I can sand and paint. Next on the list is the helmet.

How do you spend Valentines? By watching a review of Valentine!! Cos nothing like watching a movie about killing women that really screams LOVE!!