Month: December 2011

Just finishing up the last of the pepakura for my suit of armour and have just placed the first order for Jesmonite. Getting to the exciting part!! :p

Just watched the last episode of Terra Nova. Good end to the season and interesting possibilities for the next… just hope there is a next!!

Way too much procrastinating today! Should be working on some websites, Don’t want to! Should be doing some Pepakura, don’t want to!! Should be putting up Christmas decorations, but REALLY don’t want to!!!

So instead, I’m cleaning my bedroom!! I am FAILING-FAILING WRONG!! WTF!!!!

Just set-up a new email for my grandmother. She has no idea how/what it is but she needs one!! Just close your eyes and do as she asks Joe >_<

Well that’s Virgin Media sorted… No 100mb line for me! They want £70 for installing a new hub which I could do myself!! I will just stick with my 50mb >_<

Playing with the new Xbox dashboard. Much nicer then the last and the kinect features are getting better. Still some bugs but its just launched and services are spotty. I think they can still do more with the kinect support (Voice and gesture commands still don’t work in deep menu’s and voice recognising users should be switched on. It also be nice for you to be able to fill text boxes by simply telling it what to put) but still, a solid 7/10 for effort! :p