Month: November 2011

Writing some blog posts to go up on my site and worrying that some of the content is incendiary to a few people!
Ah screw it, some need to burn!!

Finally, Week is looking up!
Found more card for Pepakura and replaced the PSU for my 360 so no more load noises! Onwards and upwards kids!!

Well today officially sucks! Only got 4hours sleep due to stupid brain! 
Ordered some more card for pepakura and turns out my printer hasn’t got the balls to print on the thickness (so many BAD comments)
So either got to find a better printer or find/buy worse card… more money and time wasted…
Oh, and the new anime movie we got today… arrg
Where’s bed…

All alone now… no card for Pepakura… no will to play games… unlimited access to the net… this could turn nasty!!

Oh, its okay, I have found a book!! /snort of laughter

Just had lunch with my mother who haven’t seen in six months. Got the “Low down” and plenty of gossip from the “Other-side” of the family… interesting start to the day (wake up 12:15 >_<)