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Internet… another dumping ground for our junk!

Funny, I was having an email conversation last week with an old “colleague” about some old projects we use to be a part of. Now, like allot of projects with lots of people in different countries, time zones and jobs, it failed and we moved on to other things. However, what we learn from these projects is always useful for the next one. But, keeping a backup of this files or memories is very important. Now I am a whore for knowledge and I hoard backups of any file I get my hands on. I keep every file that’s uploaded to my server and only delete files that have become truly useless (notes for instance).

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Download November – GO!

So it’s been quite an eventful few weeks and I’ve not really had a chance to keep posting stuff on the blog. I do apologise but I have been trying to keep you informed with goings on Twitter. If you are not already following me, you should maybe look into that. It’s a good way to get your daily dose of Joe without OD’ing on the reading of huge blog posts, which you are about to get.

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What I’m working on!

So I haven’t been posting allot and I have a better reason then being lazy, I’ve been working on lots of things!

First up, I’ve been working on a few websites including the redesign of Forgotten Source that will hopefully re-launch later this month. I’ve also been working on the line up for From the Attic Films for this winter, we hope to have more news on that soon.

I have also been dabber-ling with some old game code and trying to piece together an MMO, I may even show you some of what I’ve been working on sometime.

Until next time, chill people!