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Headed for road, wish us luck!

So it’s that time of the year again and we are headed for the road. Yes, you guessed it; we are headed for the October MCM Expo in London. Hopefully I have packed the right things such as cameras and enough batteries for the whole weekend. And hopefully unlike last time, we in fact will record some footage. May’s expo was a god awful mess, which had me suffering unbelievable toothache and spending most of my time hopped up on pain killers. But this time, will be different!

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Lack of words does not mean lack of Work!

I have to apologise for not making a blog post for over a month. I spent most of January sick; even now I still have slime in my lungs which makes breathing interesting! But even bad health won’t stop me… well not for long! Thanks to Tricky, we have booked all our tickets and room for the May MCM Expo and have already booked for the October one so expect to see us trudging around filming and checking out all the cool stuff. I am also working on something awesome for the October expo which I hope you will all enjoy seeing, that is, if I finish it!!

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Download November – GO!

So it’s been quite an eventful few weeks and I’ve not really had a chance to keep posting stuff on the blog. I do apologise but I have been trying to keep you informed with goings on Twitter. If you are not already following me, you should maybe look into that. It’s a good way to get your daily dose of Joe without OD’ing on the reading of huge blog posts, which you are about to get.

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