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Call of Not-So-Elite!

Time for some more ranting; Call of Duty is one of the biggest first person shooter franchises on the planet; It gives Activision the rights to print money. Since the release of the first Modern Warfare, they have not released a Call of Duty title without it topping sale charts and going to the top of the most played online titles for months if not till the next title hits shelves! I have no problem with the games, they give what you want. Mindless violence, pretty graphics and a place to finally fulfil that need to kill… I mean play with your friends…

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Lack of words does not mean lack of Work!

I have to apologise for not making a blog post for over a month. I spent most of January sick; even now I still have slime in my lungs which makes breathing interesting! But even bad health won’t stop me… well not for long! Thanks to Tricky, we have booked all our tickets and room for the May MCM Expo and have already booked for the October one so expect to see us trudging around filming and checking out all the cool stuff. I am also working on something awesome for the October expo which I hope you will all enjoy seeing, that is, if I finish it!!

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