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It’s okay… I AM A GAMER!!

That was a close one!! I was starting to worry…

So, Last time I spoke, I was going on about being called a gamer! Its been a few months since I wrote that and since then, I had the time to reflect, to absorb new content and information. And I have decided, I AM STILL A GAMER!! If theses kids who ONLY play Call of Duty titles can be called gamers, then an old timer like me is a damned Grizzled Gamer!!

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Call of Not-So-Elite!

Time for some more ranting; Call of Duty is one of the biggest first person shooter franchises on the planet; It gives Activision the rights to print money. Since the release of the first Modern Warfare, they have not released a Call of Duty title without it topping sale charts and going to the top of the most played online titles for months if not till the next title hits shelves! I have no problem with the games, they give what you want. Mindless violence, pretty graphics and a place to finally fulfil that need to kill… I mean play with your friends…

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Brothers till the End of the game!!

I do not get to go too many midnight openings for… stuff. I think I have been to three now and range from crazy (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix… What, it was for my sister!!) To dull (What happened to poor Halo Reach… no love!) But I went and got myself a copy of Gears of War 3 at midnight just to say I did… and guess what? I DID!! WHERE WERE YOU HUH!!

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Mindless Storm filled with Bullets!

Okay, so been playing Bulletstorm and I thought I’d better say somthing about it. So far Im coming to the end of Act 1 which can be run within an hour and half, max two hours. Off the bat, you know this is a P*** Take of Gears of War, in SPACE!
Theres no denying it, its from Epic! Its made in the Unreal Engine! It looks like Gears, but the characters are Pirates…IN SAPCE.

SPOILERS… sorry forgot to say that!

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