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Dear… whatever your name was…

Last year I got introduced to a “Game” which I thought, well bluntly, was NOT A GAME! My opinion was quickly escalated to heated discussion with my friends who concluded that my definition of what a “Game” is was outdated and this was a new way to play. Definitions do change with time and integrate new way to play.  My problem with this “Game”, as per all definition, it is a Game; As per the same definition, it is a poor game and should be considered a poor use of the available medium.

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Call of Not-So-Elite!

Time for some more ranting; Call of Duty is one of the biggest first person shooter franchises on the planet; It gives Activision the rights to print money. Since the release of the first Modern Warfare, they have not released a Call of Duty title without it topping sale charts and going to the top of the most played online titles for months if not till the next title hits shelves! I have no problem with the games, they give what you want. Mindless violence, pretty graphics and a place to finally fulfil that need to kill… I mean play with your friends…

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Internet… another dumping ground for our junk!

Funny, I was having an email conversation last week with an old “colleague” about some old projects we use to be a part of. Now, like allot of projects with lots of people in different countries, time zones and jobs, it failed and we moved on to other things. However, what we learn from these projects is always useful for the next one. But, keeping a backup of this files or memories is very important. Now I am a whore for knowledge and I hoard backups of any file I get my hands on. I keep every file that’s uploaded to my server and only delete files that have become truly useless (notes for instance).

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Mindless Storm filled with Bullets!

Okay, so been playing Bulletstorm and I thought I’d better say somthing about it. So far Im coming to the end of Act 1 which can be run within an hour and half, max two hours. Off the bat, you know this is a P*** Take of Gears of War, in SPACE!
Theres no denying it, its from Epic! Its made in the Unreal Engine! It looks like Gears, but the characters are Pirates…IN SAPCE.

SPOILERS… sorry forgot to say that!

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Mobile sites… what’s the point?

Let’s see how long it takes me to fall in to my own trap! Okay, so this week I have been working on a few sites designed for mobile devices when it finally hit me in the face, much my desk seconds later, what was the point! I understand if you have a site, you should be able to view it on any device possible but there so many limitations when it comes to mobile devices it seems hardly worth using the device to surf the web. But if you think about it, what sites need to have mobile versions? What is so important on your site that people MUST be able to view it when they are out and about? News and information I understand, so that’s news websites and Wikipedia that should have mobile versions. What else? Social media? Twitter and Facebook, CHECK! Anything else? Blogs, okay fair enough but what about personal site and portfolios? Not really. Game sites don’t work, which I will go into later.

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