Microsoft at E3 2013

So, going to do this quick and dirty!! I am just going to list the games announced and my thoughts! Not gonna go crazy and rant about things!

  • Event opened with the new Metal Gear Solid V, “The Phantom Pain“. Set is Open World type landscape. First Metal Gear I am tempted to try.
  • “Dark Souls 2” Teaser… yea, nothing really to write about, they really showed nothing.
  • “Ryse: Son of Rome” Looks good but seems very quick-time event heavy.
  • “Project Spark” A sandbox style game building…game. It looked great for kids. Not too sure if it be more then a gimmick for adults.
  • “Battlefield 4: Second Assault” looks like Battlefield 4… with Boats!
  • “BELOW “ Seems like an arcade game… I didn’t understand anything about the game. They only showed a 30 second teaser.
  • “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” Looks great but Witcher has always looked great, on PC.
  • “Killer Instinct” Beat’em up. Looked crazy. Have no other knowledge then that!
  • “Sunset Overdrive” from the creators of Ratchet & Clank! Looks like fun!
  • “Max: The Curse of Brotherhood” looks like a fun platformer with a mix of dark magic and kiddy horror (little brothers being pulled into another world)
  • More “Forza 5” Footage. Forza always looks good, this was no exception.
  • Since arcade games are not being transferred from the 360, “Minecraft: Xbox One Edition” is coming. Its Minecraft, enough said!
  • “D4” from the creator of Deadly Premonition, Hidetaka Suehiro (Swery65). Nothing really to say apart from instant recognition that it was from Swery! Weird.
  • Showed off more “Quantum Break” from Remedy. Time control mechanics looks interesting but nothing much else.
  • “Deadrising 3” looked great. Open world Zombie uprising.
  • “Crimson Dragon” looks… like Crimson Dragon on a xbox…
  • “Halo 5” Teaser. Chief in a cape, that is all!
  • “Titanfall “ Looks good, but the UI needs a clean up. It seems like a updated version of Battlefield 2142 with Mechs!!

So now for the extras. XBOX ONE will launch in November for £429. Now, I don’t think this price is “Crazy and stupid” as some people are throwing around. If you compare the components used to PC costs, they are about the same so I am not crying about it. Plus within two years, the price will crash and no doubt, they will bring out a slimmer console within three years or so.

New update to smartglass looks great but they need to spread the support to other tablets better than they have. If I am spending £429 for a Xbox, I am not buying a new tablet as well! Microsoft also killed off their Credit system and have switched to regional currency. Its been long time coming and had been rumoured for a year or so. It make sense since they are going down the path of download titles to make it easier to price locally, though it will impact those who like to seek out sources of cheap credits. No idea how it will effect the rewards system.

They also showed the Upload Studio which allows you record and edit video of your games and upload them, I guess to, they really didn’t cover that. But they also showed off Live Streaming to Twitch which was very good and using the snap-in feature, you can see live feedback from Twitch’s chat-room system. I like this move!

And lastly, or firstly if you watched the event, they announced a new 360, which I shall dub “Super Slim” which is styled more like the XBOX ONE. No doubt it has better hardware and will be even better than the last iteration of hardware updates. It goes on sale this week (US). I can see myself upgrading after Christmas to make sure my 360 gaming is future proofed.

So in closing: Allot was shown, 98% games! Nothing really awful but also nothing that leaped at me and said “BUY ME ON DAY ONE!” I treat my xbox 360 already as a media streamer so that side of the XBOX ONE doesn’t entice me to switch right away. As for gaming, I see the Xbox as my Halo Machine, so of course, when Halo 5 comes out I will need a Xbox One but till then, I don’t need/want one. Also, showing a new 360 off, sort of kills the need to switch straight away when I can upgrade for less. The information that came out this about the XBOX ONE needing to check every 24hours doesn’t bother me as I am online 24/7 any how. The whole second hand games aspect also doesn’t bother me as 1) I don’t tend to resale my games 2) I tend buy new on release or during sales. As a PC gamer, I have never been able to resale my games so this move doesn’t effect me in anyway!

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