In the Land of the Rotting

So, Zombies! Love them, Hate them, you all have to admit that it is in our geeky ways to hunt them down and remove their heads. With the rise of popularity of shows like Walking Dead, there can not be any doubt that theses rotting meat bags are here to stay. Hell, even Leicester City Council has admitted its ‘not ready’ for zombie attack!! Only in your present Geek Culture can that be taken… errmm ‘Seriously’?

Anyways, this week, I have been spending my time in the latest Xbox LIVE Arcade Zombie survival game “State of Decay” and I have to admit, if the Zombie Uprising does happen, I can calmly say, “I am Ready”. I now know the best places to find food, fuel, building materials and weapons… sometimes the last two are the same….

“State of Decay” finds you playing a selection of characters as you try to survive the dead rising in the fictional area of Trumbull Valley. You start as Marcus who, accompanied by his friend Ed, returns from a hunting trip to be attacked on the docks of the river by rotting corpses! From there on its down to you to save as many as you can in the surrounding area, run errands for members of your community, keep everyone happy and find out what the government is doing to fix thing. Heres a hint, they aren’t doing much!

State of Decay can be found on or Xbox’s Marketplace. And whilst you’re checking it out, try Undead Labs website!

…I got you a pony. But then it tried to eat me, so I shot it in the head.

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