XBOXONE….One Xbox to Rule Them All…

So lets get this out of the way: The new Xbox is called XBOX ONE! Yes, its a stupid name. Its meant to symbolise  “There is only one Xbox, only one place to go for all your Entertainment!” Fine, whatever, you want to have a stupid name, not my place say otherwise!

So any ways, lets cover what they announced.

So the new XBOX ONE has an 8 core CPU, 8gb of RAM, 500gb Hard-drive, Blu-Ray, 802.11n Wifi and USB 3.0 ports… pretty much the same as the PS4 in different flavours.

New controllers now have two vibration motors in the grips and one in each trigger allowing for “improved feedback”. Also the new removable battery is retracted inside to give it a smooth back. They have also improved the joysticks, D-Pad and made it slightly smaller.

They have also reworked the kinect bar to use hi-def cameras, which can now track even more points and in low-light conditions.

All XBOX ONEs will come with a kinect bar as it is now a required input device.

Now on to the UI changes. The new Dashboard takes allot of influence from Win8 Metro UI and allows you to control using motions such as stretch to full screen videos or to scale it down back to the home dashboard. Voice controls also allow you to “snap-in” content whilst watching videos such as web browser or Skype. The new power of the system also allows for quick switching between content, so you can watch TV, switch to a game, switch to the guide, switch to a movie and so on without waiting to load the content.

They announced allot of media partners for TV but since they are all US and will never make it over to the UK, I wont cover it.

EA Sport talked allot about their range of sport games…

They then announced a new Halo TV Series being made by none other then Steven Spielberg!! This is very good news and I hope to hear more soon, as will every Halo fan out there!

Finally, they started talking about games. New Forza 5 teaser was shown showing off fantastic graphics, but we expect nothing less from Forza. Redemdy is coming out with a new game called  Quantum Break and will blend Live-Action and Game-play in “New, interesting ways” whatever that means; only a teaser was shown. And finally, they showed a teaser of Call of Duty: Ghosts. And that was it, they are saving the rest for E3 in 18 days time!

Overall: I get why they wanted to show off the new console, with Sony rushing out with their PS4 announcement but with E3 so close and them wanting to save as much content about the release game line-up till then; the event felt lacklustre and has created allot of anger from their gamer audience. Allot wasn’t discussed in the announcement but has been coming out from developer Q&As and hand’s-on; Such as the console should be online 24/7 but the blu-ray and some game modes “will work” offline; and the fact every game will need to be installed and after that, you must pay a fee to install it else where (I am also hearing this fee maybe the cost of a new game!) hence killing the point of buying second hand.

I originally hated the look of the new Xbox but after starring at it for awhile I realise how little I will actually look at, so I forgive it for its retro DVR look! Its has all the right ports and finally comes with a Blu-Ray drive! There was a lot of name dropping of using the cloud but they decided to keep the technical side down so they didn’t come over as Sony did with too much “tech-talk”, which left us all guessing “How does it really work?”

I liked the changes they showed of the UI and interface though I question how much that media interaction will matter outside of the US when we cannot get the same content. The new Voice Commands and Motion Controls seem snappy and easy though I hope they are not too easy to trigger as the current Kinect attempts to kill my enjoyment of movies!

The lack of actual game content made gamers feel like the XBOX ONE had become an entertainment box and left Games off the menu. I can’t argue against that, Microsoft has always wanted to make the Xbox the living room hub for all your entertainment needs; they just seemed to have left the games at home this time round!

No announcement of Price and release date is still before the end of 2013 (Read: Christmas Season)

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