Boots on the ground!

So, you maybe wondering “Joe, you were gone for so long! What were you doing all that time?

Well, let me tell you, nosy internet person!

I have been building!

Since Christmas of 2011, I was working on a set of MARK V [B]  MJOLNIR Armor worn by SPARTAN III’s in Halo Reach, which I wore to last Octobers MCM London Entertainment Expo. You can already find an array of photos and information on our Wiki, but over the next few weeks, I will be posting more photos and information about the build, ideas and solutions for building such sets of armor…

And, even better then showing off my old set… I have started work on new and better set for this October’s MCM London Entertainment Expo, and this time, I am taking more photos!!

Stay Tuned!

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