Paradise Lost… No kidding!

So, a few posts back, I was talking about my love for “Eden of the East” and would rate it high on my favourite Anime’s of all time. So its gonna shock you that I was disappointed by the final movie “Paradise Lost”.

I will attempt to not spoil anything to do with the series but  I loved every-step this series gave till the “Big Reveal” of “Mr Outside’s” plan and it flops on its face… everything that the Seleção’s did up to then, pretty much adds up to nothing. Yes, some things are now better compared to the beginning of the series but nothing as big or impressive as the series had been promising. I shouldn’t be surprised, the problem of “Bring Japan back to its golden age” is pretty big one and if an anime series could solve it… would the problem even be a question in reality?!

The idea of “a select few can make a difference” is a story plot as old as time and the series did add to my understanding such plots (I am no literary student and have no knowledge of anything but what I read or watch) but the payoff at the end still vexes me, even months after watching it. Otaku privileged ego must be evolving in me! Will have to crush that before I start writing hate mail….

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