Working all night, Sleeping all Day!

Really sums up my week so far.
Since we went live with GeekBorn, I have been going to bed as it get light outside. Six, seven, even eight am, rising from my pit around two to go back to coding and tweaking…

And I love it!!

Don’t get me wrong, the whole process of laying awake at night thinking of changes to make isn’t helping me but it feels good to work again! It has been too long! I have spent the last year in a fog of doubt and depression; and it feels good to get my mind back to thinking right… even if it includes a few sleepless nights!

But I say “Sleep is for the weak; Or dead!

So, from the bottom of my very shallow and barely beating heart, thank you all for… giving me something to do instead of sitting in the dark!
Well, I am still doing that, but getting a tan from my monitors at least!!

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