It’s okay… I AM A GAMER!!

That was a close one!! I was starting to worry…

So, Last time I spoke, I was going on about being called a gamer! Its been a few months since I wrote that and since then, I had the time to reflect, to absorb new content and information. And I have decided, I AM STILL A GAMER!! If theses kids who ONLY play Call of Duty titles can be called gamers, then an old timer like me is a damned Grizzled Gamer!!

I have been clocking in my hours with some Diablo 3, now that most of the bugs have been cleaned up and crying has stopped. I have always liked the game, even if it is too short and grinding for kit is boring due to the limited end game design, I however still enjoy playing. Nothing beats the feeling of blasting through endless waves of enemies and feeling so powerful! I hope with the expansion, as we all know its coming, will add bigger zones and even more randomisation! I want World of Diablo size content!

I have also returned to playing Halo 4. Again, after all the crying over the launch was over and the community had settled down, it is still Halo and a joy to play, even if all I am doing is grinding for the next level or choosing the weapon that will increase the stat counter over which is best! Spartan Ops has really lost its appeal to me. The videos/story is fine and enjoy that side of it, but the missions seem over down and repetitive. I hope if they do a second season, they come up with some more interesting mission ideas (Tip: Trench runs in spacecraft are fun!!)

I think I can give some thanks to Darkhart for getting back into gaming so heavily. Since I gave him one of the spare PC’s I had laying around, he has been inundating me with Steam Game sales and such like. Thanks to him, I have even bought a PC copy of Alan Wake & American Nightmare (damn it, second copy!!) I have Starcraft 2: Heart of Swarm on pre-order. I even got Bastion for cheap which I been hoping to play for a while since I love the idea of game. But my favourite so far has been FTL!!

FTL is a very simple 2D game. You get a starship and crew and you must get from sector to sector till you reach the boss in Sector 8! You are also being chased by an enemy fleet and if you get caught, you probably won’t get away! On your way through each sector, you will need to upgrade your ship, find new crew members, fuel, missiles and drones. This is done by finding planets, helping ships on their way and shooting down enemies. The downside of all this fun is, if you lose/ship gets destroyed, its game over, back to the menu, start again. It is a great game that will infuriate you to keep playing! You may never finish it but you will keep trying, damn it!

SO yes, I can still proudly call myself a gamer!!

Written May 2nd

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