Internet… another dumping ground for our junk!

Funny, I was having an email conversation last week with an old “colleague” about some old projects we use to be a part of. Now, like allot of projects with lots of people in different countries, time zones and jobs, it failed and we moved on to other things. However, what we learn from these projects is always useful for the next one. But, keeping a backup of this files or memories is very important. Now I am a whore for knowledge and I hoard backups of any file I get my hands on. I keep every file that’s uploaded to my server and only delete files that have become truly useless (notes for instance).

But, it also made me think about all the old files, images or websites that are left around on the net, forgotten or abandoned, for a number of the reason. Either the uploader is no longer about or no longer has need for them. I cannot come to calculate how much wasted storage is used to keep theses file online. What’s even worse is the fact; I am a contributor of this junk too. I have committed Littering… online!!

I worked it out; I have:

  • Four MySpace Accounts
  • Three Freewebs Accounts
  • Eight Forum Ids
  • Three Instant Messenger
  • Two Free Forums
  • Uncountable number of Uploaded photos/images

All dead, inaccessible and unused; Undeletable and unable to be disabled due to the facts either the system cannot delete accounts or the email account they are attached to, is no longer in my control, there by stopping me from verifying the deletions. It just seems such a waste.

I can only hope that when we finally start to inhabit space, we don’t leave as much junk lying around as we do in virtual space.

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