Mindless Storm filled with Bullets!

Okay, so been playing Bulletstorm and I thought I’d better say somthing about it. So far Im coming to the end of Act 1 which can be run within an hour and half, max two hours. Off the bat, you know this is a P*** Take of Gears of War, in SPACE!
Theres no denying it, its from Epic! Its made in the Unreal Engine! It looks like Gears, but the characters are Pirates…IN SAPCE.

SPOILERS… sorry forgot to say that!

I wont get into the story/plot as its pointless for the game. Simply grab a gun and get some crazy kills for mad score. The point mechinic and scoring is a nice feature and can make for some interesting game-play. Instead of trying to kill quickly and efficiently, you instead spend time trying to come up with the most over-the-top, gore-tastic way to get that top score. And that is fun, don’t get me wrong but I’m a hour in and thats starting to get old for me already! Hopefully the drive to win will kick in soon! The controls also seem sugglish too, maybe its the way I’m playing or its to help with the aiming I don’t know but its really bugs me. It hampers my normal twitch instincts I have from too many hours in Halo!

I better talk about what’s got some press and the parents screaming murder! It does have allot of profanity and needless violence but come on, We need some pointless fun now and then! “But Joe, Killing people isn’t fun!” HEY, Random guy/gal who is telling me something stupid, theses are not people, they are packets of data. Data the shape of messed up freaks who need to be de-rezzed! As for the language, it is indeed over the top but I have always been of the mind that there’s no such thing as bad words, only bad intent! And I find no bad intent in the use in this game.  So everyone should get off there high horse and just enjoy it for what it is, harmless and pointless!

Now of course, I’ve only played up to the end of Act 1 and there is “Hopefully” more to go. I better get back to “Punching more Dicks”!!

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