Month: February 2011

The…is Coming!

“The attic is not just a simple room but within it contains a supercomputer of incalculable power and smarts. Deep inside it protective shell, nestled within its control boards and wires beats a multi-dimensional generator, able to pull power and matter from any reality to feed is unstoppable thirst. The AI of this computer controls this generator for good, mostly. Due to quirks in its programming, accidents can happen and thanks to the multi-dimensional generator, they do not necessary have to be in this reality!”

Pestered by this AI to entertain, it forces Joe Ice to create a web-show, reviewing some of the best and worse memories of his life. Whether its movies, TV Shows or Games, it doesn’t seem to matter as long as it may crack Joe’s will and bend him into obeying the Attic even more than he does already.

But could there be something even darker out there? Something echoes in the ether between dimensions. Could cracks between them be allowing worse things into our world? Only time will tell!

More to Come!

Lack of words does not mean lack of Work!

I have to apologise for not making a blog post for over a month. I spent most of January sick; even now I still have slime in my lungs which makes breathing interesting! But even bad health won’t stop me… well not for long! Thanks to Tricky, we have booked all our tickets and room for the May MCM Expo and have already booked for the October one so expect to see us trudging around filming and checking out all the cool stuff. I am also working on something awesome for the October expo which I hope you will all enjoy seeing, that is, if I finish it!!

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