Month: December 2010

Mobile sites… what’s the point?

Let’s see how long it takes me to fall in to my own trap! Okay, so this week I have been working on a few sites designed for mobile devices when it finally hit me in the face, much my desk seconds later, what was the point! I understand if you have a site, you should be able to view it on any device possible but there so many limitations when it comes to mobile devices it seems hardly worth using the device to surf the web. But if you think about it, what sites need to have mobile versions? What is so important on your site that people MUST be able to view it when they are out and about? News and information I understand, so that’s news websites and Wikipedia that should have mobile versions. What else? Social media? Twitter and Facebook, CHECK! Anything else? Blogs, okay fair enough but what about personal site and portfolios? Not really. Game sites don’t work, which I will go into later.

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Forgot to say… I’m all done

So yea, I forgot to post the site is all done. Now don’t cry that there is content missing such as details on my projects or the that is all planned. I will be adding content on the fly like any personal site. However, all the style and code is now in place to keep the site up-to-date and going without human interference, but since I am not human, anything could happen!!

Hope you enjoy looking around and until next time, enjoy your cookies….