Month: November 2010

Minecraft…. Stole my Week

Okay, quick run down. Minecraft is a sandbox game that is in development; which has made a huge splash in the indi-game scene. The game is based on a randomly generated world of 14×14(x14) cubes which, funny as it sounds, you must  “Mine”. With theses blocks you can then “Craft”, see where they were going with the name now; a number of objects and create your own structures.

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Rocking it out with Rock Band 3!!

So Tricky was nice enough to bring Rock Band 3 to From the Attic Films studio this week. Sadly thou, since its arrival, work here has also plummeted to a short stop… Though that’s nothing new when shiny new things turn up!

So Rock Band 3 is the latest instalment from the Rock Band franchise, which we here at From the Attic Films quite enjoy. Enjoy it so much in fact that we have the whole band of peripherals and every game, though we did skip Rock Band Greenday and dropped Beatles back in to the bargain bin! So much money has been spent buying new tracks, I think I own what’s left of the music industry! I KID, I kid!!

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Download November – GO!

So it’s been quite an eventful few weeks and I’ve not really had a chance to keep posting stuff on the blog. I do apologise but I have been trying to keep you informed with goings on Twitter. If you are not already following me, you should maybe look into that. It’s a good way to get your daily dose of Joe without OD’ing on the reading of huge blog posts, which you are about to get.

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