About Me


02 December 1987

Places I’ve lived:
Dover; Folkestone; Ashford.

Companies I’ve worked for:
GZ Computers.

Schools I’ve attended:
North School; Pent Vally; Lindin Grove; Hythe Primary.

Other names:
JoeIce; Joe.Forgotten; JoeIce.Forgotten; Joseph IceStrider; Moba; Moba IceStrider; Friskey Nerd; Ice Man.

Something I still can’t find on Google:
A good becon sandwich.

My superpower:
Killing a conversation with Sexual Innuendo.

Women, Females, Japan, Technolagy, Video, Halo, World of Warcraft.


Email: joe@joeice.com

Twitter: @JoeIce

On GeekBorn’s Forum

WARNING! Age Restriction.

As a personal site, most of content on the site I have rated 16 against the Pan European Game Information. I do not limit the viewership so anyone may read my content but viewers must understand that there will be discussion of mature content and if you object to anything on the site, you should leave now instead of complaining.

Video Copyright

Any copyrighted material used during my videos are solely for review or satire reasons. I will alway leave copyright notices in the credits in my videos to the owner/studio of where the material comes from. If you own the copyright to any material I use during theses videos and wish for it to be removed, please contact me at joe@joeice.com

All my videos are created under a Creative Commons Licence.

Creative Commons Licence

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